What Are Some Quintessential Compromises Involved In Indian Marriages?


Even if most people prefer arranged marriage after they are done in love and dating, many still desire to marry the person they have been in love with for a long time. In fact, many people who are dating someone are well aware that this is only a brief stage of life, and when they are ready to settle down permanently, they choose an arranged marriage.

Many people also marry the person they love, but even in those cases, a lot of things change when a couple’s relationship status shifts from “dating” to “married.”

In order for an Indian marriage to succeed, people typically have to make the following sacrifices:

1. Feeling

We all have a few things in our hearts that we are truly passionate about while we are single, such as our love of travel, adventure, sports, collecting stuff, etc. However, as soon as people get married, they assume that they must give up that passion to settle down with that one person.

2. Food

People frequently have to make this compromise. You may need to make adjustments after being married to a partner who may have very different eating habits from you. For instance, you could have to coexist with a vegetarian even though you’re not. In that situation, it is very possible that s/he won’t enjoy having non-vegetarian cuisine prepared and consumed at home. You will ultimately have to give up your favourite meal. Similarly to this, if you are a North Indian and must live with a South Indian or vice versa, you will need to alter your regular meals to accommodate both of your needs.

3. Dress Form

Even after leaving college, you might have continued to dress a certain way, but you are supposed to appear married once you are married. Some people may find this absurd, but girls will be better able to identify with this problem than boys. After getting married, you don’t even realize that your fashion sense has changed from cool to good. If you’re still not convinced, just keep an eye on your pals who have been wed for longer than a few months; you’ll undoubtedly notice a shift in how they’ve been dressing since they tied the knot.

4. Things You Spend Money On

Recall the pricey bike you bought on EMI, or the pricey clothing you’ve always wanted to wear and spent money on without second-guessing as soon as you landed your first job? Well, after you get married, this will undoubtedly change. After getting married, you begin to experience financial insecurity because you are more aware of the responsibilities that are about to fall on your shoulders. It is crucial to save as much as you can so that you won’t have to worry when you most need the money. Therefore, it becomes necessary to quit spending money on items you want more than you require, and wise couples quickly learn to prioritize their expenses based on their needs.

5. Relationships

No matter how well you two get along, friendships are difficult to maintain in the same form after marriage because your priorities shift dramatically. There is nothing wrong with a person’s life partner devoting more time and importance to his or her friends than to his or her husband or wife. It’s fine to see your old friends once in a while, but you can’t spend every weekend calling, texting, or hanging out with them. It is only fair that you learn to prioritize your partner and put your friends on the back burner. This is a necessary sacrifice if you want your marriage to last.

6. Former BF/GF

Wise people usually do not contact their ex-partners after a breakup to avoid complications, but some people simply cannot accept the idea of being separated from their ex forever. They continue to cling to them for reasons only they understand, resulting in future awkwardness and tensions between them and their partners. So this is the only type of sacrifice you should be willing to make, and people must make it sooner rather than later if they want their marriage to work.

7. Attachment to Parents and Siblings

Most of us, however, get used to the idea of being away from our parents and siblings by the time we start college or work. But there are still some who simply cannot grow up and accept that their roles in their lives change over time. It is not wrong to remain close to your parents and siblings. But when a new person enters your life with whom you have promised to spend the rest of your life. It is critical that you give him/her the space he/she deserves and make yourself, your parents, and siblings aware of this fact. You must do this.

8. Daily Routines

Last but not least, to adjust to your partner, you must change your daily habits. There will be no more things on the floor or wearing the same night clothes for a week. You can’t expect things to work the same way they did when you were living with your parents or alone. You must act responsibly and ensure that the person living with you is not made to feel uncomfortable simply because you are not doing what is expected of you. This is the first sacrifice you must make after getting married.

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