Marriage as an institution

Marriage is that institution which graduates two individuals together in the degree of compromise and patience where you are always taking different exams from time to time and it does not even allow you to question back. In Indian society, this proverb is very famous “SHAADI KA LADDOO JO KHAYE WO BHI PACHHTAYE OR JO NA KHAYE WO BHI PACHHTAY”. We Indians celebrate this undergraduate degree with great pomp and show (after all we never leave a single chance to show off). This grand celebration is a warning against the massive destruction which is going to happen with the life of both the individuals.

Society is hollow from inside

Our society is always demanding (like a kid always demands toys, chocolates, etc), It keeps on demanding things from time to time. From the time of birth, we carry a burden to impress society. We are expected to do things and behave as per the predefined parameters of society. This so-called society has set a certain age for everything. For example, a person should get a degree at a certain age, get married, have kids and whatnot. Let me tell you this society is nothing but those uncles and aunties who are always poking their noses in somebody else’s lives. One can never impress society just like  Mother-in-law. No matter how much you put your efforts She ain’t bother to give a shit.

We are being taught since childhood to be a optimist person. And like good kids, we try to stay optimistic even in unfavourable situations. But this utopia of optimism is soon going to vanish the very moment you take admission in the institution of marriage. No doubt life changes after marriage for the couple. After all, one has to restyle his/her life in a completely changed way. And it requires time and onerous to do all of a sudden. In the process of accepting the change in life, couples face ego clashes. These clashes lead to serious fights and divorce in the worst cases. 

The recipe for a Happy Marriage.

Marriage can be a beautiful journey that can be enjoyed with a life partner. Key ingredients of the recipe of a happy married life are love, care, sensitivity, compassion, and a lot of positive vibes. The Law of attraction works everywhere for everything, if you feel and think good then good will come to you. Marriage is always a two-way road. You need to invest so much in the relationship to make it work. One person can not make it through single-handedly, it is an arduous task.   

After marriage, a woman comes to a different place just to start her new life with her husband and his family. She is leaving behind her home, parents, siblings, blood relatives, and friends. They must make her feel more comfortable and need to b more compassionate towards her. . In Indian society, the culture of joint family is still in practice.

In-laws play a significant role in a newly married couple’s life. It is believed that women are emotionally stronger than men. That is why women can bear the pain of separation from their loved ones. If the in-laws are understanding and supportive, it makes life easier for a girl. And also to manage things easier. If the in-laws are a worshipper of the devil then the worst nightmare comes true.


In my opinion, Marriage works only if a couple takes responsibility and start making important decisions themselves. And take advice from elders when needed.

What is your opinion on this? Do share with us.

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42 thoughts on “MARRIAGE – A BIG SCAM?”

  1. Kundan lal Nimola

    It is very well written about the Indian wedding, care is taken of very small things. It is right that in today’s time, marriage is not a compromise.

  2. Praveen Kumar Thakran

    Very well said, If the marriage relationship is done with love and responsibility, then life would be very beautiful with the partner.

  3. According to me marriage is a contract of love, care and loyalty whatever you will give to your wife it will come to you automatically.

  4. In my case “Key ingredients of the recipe of a happy married life are love, care, sensitivity, compassion, and a lot of positive vibes.” Was missing n its ending on d worst note


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  8. Every word written is so true….well said if in-laws are supportive life will be easy going for all…..but if in-laws aren’t then u can’t even imagine… Wats waiting for us at next moment

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